Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In Honor of World Poetry Day.

#WorldPoetryDay snuck up on me.  
Poetry was my first love and it brought me around to finally penning longer works such a novels. So, I'm jumping in!

Here's a flashback from when I met my partner, Alex. We've together over 20 years! The others are also older poems. I have many, but I'll spare you most. Here are a few randomly selected pieces:

First Sight

How does my merry mirth give rise to a single thought, now divided into two—me and you. Tied as one, we’ve begun to shine, shrouds of covers layer us in colors. Warm to the touch, burning fire to behold. Pure gold.

The magician's hand has brought the alchemists touch, and transmuted all my fears into the promising years, seen now through a gazing crystal clear.


I’ve tasted something which leaps from you, in droplets and bubbles. Offerings from your imagination, deities who give forth that which marks a passage closer to them. Whatever capsule one could find, a grueling task to define. 

Outside images, the mind illuminates through the test of time, solidify into concrete worlds of reality and form—not all you see but more. All that derives from the experience, all that pushes toward the future foundation you build upon, creates an immense fortress of solitude and happiness. 

Creativity II

Creating through thought and creating despair. I see you with others and try not to compare. Maybe it was the words we said, or the hopes we shared. Which caused my head to believe you cared. Childish, I know, but my heart will pretend to go till the end.

Come Together 

If it’s silence we want why create tears? In hearts of millions thoroughfare of fears, collapsed under wishes received, no need of forgotten greed.
Cast away the mask one wears to cover, the face of hate not shared by another.

Monday, March 13, 2017

What have I been up to? Ooh, quite a few things. Maybe you can help me?

I’ve been trying to get an agent since 2012, with my first middle-grade novel. I shelved that project and kept writing. I had a YA novella finished and was busy writing my historical fantasy, while a publisher had picked up my Sci-Fi middle-grade. Many agents said they didn’t know how to sell my SFF, and why I took a chance with a publisher I believed had the same idea in mind: Books for reluctant readers. I have two at home. 
I revised that MS for nearly a year, it went to copy edits — and POOF. The book was canceled (many already know this sappy story of 50 authors with books canceled by Month9books. We may be the lucky ones). That was forever ago—last May. I had the good fortune that my YA (ebook) novella came out the same week. Or did I? Whoa, boy, were my emotions All. Over. The. Place. Trying to smile and meanwhile..." 

I remind myself that no experience is wasted. Even if it takes time to realize this.

Back to now. I’m drafting a new contemporary YA, because — hey—I have fans of THE UNMOVING SKY who want to read my next book! They’re looking for suspense and intrigue, such was TUS, about two brothers lost in the woods and found by a bomb-plotting domestic terrorist.  So I’m drafting — working title: American Girls. Best friends take off for New York City and trouble ensues (of course). This will be a more autobiographical. I’ll use much of my experience arriving in NYC with $400 in my pocket — and lots of dreams.
Meanwhile, I’m querying my Historical Fantasy. I have a couple subs and a couple passes on subs. It is always subjective. It’s torture.

This is my question: A publisher will most always insist on revisions. Why not forgo the wasted effort and time and STRESS, searching for the “perfect fit” agent, when many publishers accept unagented submissions? Why? I need to know. 
On that point, a pretty amazing and promising publisher is reviewing my canceled middle-grade SFF, since Jan. So, yeah! Fingers crossed! 
Is this a sign to go straight to publishers? Subconscious, I need you to speak a little louder, please.

If this isn’t enough to keep busy, last week I read that many agents were looking for the book I wrote in 2012! My magical realism MG, about a herbalist and her family of witches from outer space!  A mad fever took hold of me. I whipped that baby out and began revising like it was butter. Overcome with excitement about the story. Again. After years away. My beta-readers always liked it, but the agents I queried, didn’t.
What if I had sent it to directly to a publisher?
Agent passes – and these days just complete radio silence –has given me time to question my methods. 
What has your experience been submitting to publishers?  
As a bonus, I’m adding a list of publishers who accept unagented subs at the bottom of this post. It hasn’t been checked or updated. I found it on AW. 

BTW, my publisher LEAP is amazing. Such a great group of award-winning authors and editors, only they aren’t open for submissions, plus my work would have to be suited to them. 

 Publishers who accept unagented subs:

Ace and Roc Science Fiction & Fantasy
Alban Lake Publishing
Alter Press
Anaiah Press FLEDGLING
Artema Press
Baen Books
Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company
Belfire Press
Bitingduck Press
Black Bed Sheet Books
Black Rose Writing
Blind Eye Books
Bloomsbury Publishing: Bloomsbury Spark
Bold Strokes Books MATURE
Books to Go Now MATURE
By Light Unseen Media
Candlemark & Gleam
Cerridwyn Publishing MATURE
Champagne Books
Civil Coping Mechanisms
Constable & Robinson MATURE
Crescent Moon Press
Crowded Quarantine Publications
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Damnation Books MATURE
Dark Quest Books
DAW Books
Diabolic Publications
Diversion Books
Divertir Publishing
Dragonfairy Press
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Eggplant Literary Productions
eLectio Publishing
Entranced Publishing MATURE
Eternal Press MATURE
Etopia Press MATURE
eTreasures Publishing
Evernight Publishing MATURE
Evil Girlfriend Media
Fable Press
Fireship Press
Fish Creek Press
Freedom Forge Press
Genesis Press
Ghostwoods Books NEW!
Glastonbury Publishing MATURE
Hark! New Era Publishing
Harlequin LUNA Books
Harlequin Series Digital First MATURE
Harlequin: Carina Press MATURE
Hydra House
Infinite Acacia: Africa-Centered Novels
Ink Smith Publishing
J. Taylor Publishing
Jolly Fish Press
JournalStone Publishing
Jupiter Gardens Press MATURE
Kayelle Press Two-Up Short Novels NEW!
Kayelle Press Young Adult Novels
Keith Publications MATURE
Kensington Publishing Corp. MATURE
Lethe Press
Lillibridge Press MATURE
Loconeal Publishing
Loose Leaves Publishing
Lyrical Press MATURE
Mandrake of Oxford MATURE
Medallion Media Group
Montag Press
Mundania Press
Musa Publishing MATURE
Necro Publications
Netherworld Books MATURE
Nosy Crow
Old Timey Hedgehog
PageSpring Publishing: Lucky Marble Books
Pan Macmillan Australia
Paper Road Press
Port Yonder Press
Random House: Hydra NEW!
Random Static
Resurrection House FLEDGLING
REUTS Publications
Rogue Phoenix Press
Rooster Republic Press
Rozlyn Press
S A M Publishing MATURE
Seven Archons
Shadow Mountain
Shroud Publishing
Silver Leaf Books
Silverthought Press
Sirens Call Publications
Sky Warrior Books
Skyhorse Publishing: Sky Pony Press
Small Beer Press
Spanking Pulp Press FLEDGLING
Splashdown Books
Spore Press
Strange Days Books
Stygian Publications
Sybaritic Press
Theaker's Quarterly Fiction
Tor Books
Tor UK
TWB Press
Twelfth Planet Press
Twenty or Less Press
Typhoon Media: Lightning Originals
Upper Rubber Boot Books
Vagabondage Press MATURE
Wapshott Press, The: Storylandia
Wings ePress, Inc.
World Castle Publishing
World Weaver Press
WriterPrint New Author Publishers MATURE
Zharmae Publishing Press, The MATURE
Zharmae Publishing Press, The: illusio & baqer
Zharmae Publishing Press, The: Luthando Coeur
Zumaya Publications



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