Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Revisions are off for Critique.

All right, all right. Now, I know it isn't the end of Revisions (yes, must capitalize) I did send them off to my critique partner, with trembling fingers.  It was sent without a hitch. Yeah. But, but...gone.

While waiting, the possibility of working on WIP #3 comes into play—yeah!

The rough draft is so experimental, so exciting, anything can happen.

I've got two brothers, fifteen, and thirteen, lost in the woods, an alcoholic father, who doesn't yet know they're missing.
But who's protecting whom, when they come across a giant hermit living in a cave.
That’s as far as I got. It’s only about thirty pages.  Ha ha.

This is my 'love letter' to my reluctant reader boys, eleven, and fourteen.
Thank goodness they're tough, but not because their avid readers, more like they aren't going for it unless it's thick with intrigue.

The working title is Brothers on the Rim. I like amusing myself. My 11 year-old was holding me to task while I wrote a good chunk of it, awaiting revision comments, before.
He wants to know (this is a good sign).  Guess, I should move along now, got some organizing, and plot tampering to figure.

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Been Too Long

I've been buried in revisions for a couple months, and maybe, just maybe, I'll close in on these within a week or two. I'm working with a critique partner/editor/fellow writer, and it's good; the process, I mean. The story is moving forward.

My blog has been neglected, and my WIPs are on hold.
This can be tough for those of us eager to get works out in the world and read.
I’m hanging tight, and try recognizing the importance of this journey, especially for a spaz, like me, for whom enthusiasm has never been a problem.
So I eke away, day by day.

I’m off now, to command my muse, 

“Sit Down and Write!”  
But is my muse talking to me, or I to she?