Sunday, April 19, 2020

What I'm Writing during COVID-19

All kinds of plans happen when you think about quarantine.  

But most of those haven't happened because my family has a music club in New York City that we quickly transformed into a to-go cafe for espresso and pastries (Grandaisy pizza as of today! More walking meals to come.), and I've been working every day leaving little time to write, paint or even clean my apartment. I don't miss this one, but you can imagine the state of neglected apt. --with four grown people!  ugh! 

While I wait for the YA fantasy I drafted just as we entered into lockdown percolate, I've decided to rewrite a much older novel. Actually, my first "trunked" novel. It's an upper middle-grade magical realism, maybe a fantasy? I'll know after more revisions. 

Today's research 

Cleavers or Goosegrass

This was the first chapter. 

I love writing for kids and teens and writing fantasy that'll take me out of this world for a time. With tragic news every day on social media. (I don't have a TV, thankfully) writing and reading are my escape! I just have to be extra determined right now and find the time with the added responsibilities. 

I wish you health and wellbeing. 
"health is wealth" as my mother often said, I know she wasn't the first to say it.  

wash your hands 
don't touch your face
keep 6' apart

 and remember 

I wear my mask for you and you wear yours for me.  

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