Friday, September 7, 2012

Keeping Busy Before the Busy Season

Yep. Juggler, coach, and prison warden is what I've felt like over the last couple of months with my tween boys out of school--and not in camp, like most of their friends.

But we've made do with weekly jump-in-the-lake trips upstate. And with them now fourteen, and twelve, I've been able to thrust them out the door toward the YMCA, following my desperate cries for writing time.  It was minimal, but good. It was short lived, but productive.

Since organizing our MGbetareaders group, all of us in the group have made great strides in our WIPs.
We coach each other with our queries, and pitches--very useful for the Pitch Contests that are everywhere right now. I wasn't picked for one, but then another came streaming through twitter, and with seconds to spare, I copy and pasted my pitch, etc. into the next:

Swing by Monday and check us all out. Turns out there are three of us from our beta reader group.
In any case, you learn by reading other's fine work or churning out your own.

So here's to All of you pitching and keeping on.

And here's an extra toast for the return of mandatory schooling!
Let the writing Commence--Full Force.

Oh--and we have room for more  CPs and beta readers in our MG/YA group. Just message me and I'll send you an invite.