Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frustration abounds. But not too much-- Really.

I feel as if I have a magnet in me sometimes, with high jinx-ing electrical devices.

Yesterday, it all started with my "smartphone" when I tried to restore, or re-sync; or what ever the heck it let me do, before bothering to ask: Was I SURE about this, restoring business? Was I aware of what I stand to loose?
No it did not.
Before I knew; within a click of a button, most data, went --poof!

Maybe I could use a clean up, a reorganizing? But on my own terms; thank you very much.
I know, I should have moved those photos out of camera roll; did I need every comment/tech board reminding me of this? (at least I moved some photos along the way).
Can't be too sentimental, in this case.
No attachments.

And, I thought I lost my mobile blogging capabilities. Alas--NEVER.

So, as far as writing is going?
Well. I'm managing #poemaday
Most days. On twitter.
Building a "platform" and gathering followers, and hunting Agents.
It is, terribly engrossing.
Finally decided to use May prove very beneficial, especially if some other, magnetic shift, pulls my composition book, out from under me.
I walk around, like a school girl;kids in tow, and the promise (to myself) that, I will work on researching the best agent for this job. Oh, and write in the other comp book,I walk around with; for first draft of second book in AbeGale Force. (Upper Middle Grade Mystery)

Ah. Gotta run. My son has come out of tutoring. (least that's one job I'm off of this summer).
I'll let you know the progress update, as soon as I know.