Friday, July 3, 2015

The Full Moon Affect

Did you enjoy the full moon on July 1? Wonderful, because we have two full moons this month, otherwise known as a Blue Moon, and the next is on the 31st. Apparently this hasn’t happened since August 2012. Well, Ok…. This time I will be prepared.

After about the hundredth time observing my children go bonkers during the full moon, (basically, turning into werewolves) I began to wonder about its effect on our emotions, creativity and sleep cycles. Even though some articles I’ve read state that the effects of the full moon haven’t been scientifically studied, so I’ve drawn my own hypothesis from years of experience, observation, and asking questions.

First, I’ll begin with what hits me right away: my teens fighting non-stop. They become easily frustrated, agitated and lash out at each other, verbally, and on occasion, physically – this is where momma werewolf jumps in.  It’s uncanny how distraught they become when the moon is full. Whenever they hit lunatic levels (above the “normal” Crazyland) I soon notice, why, yes the moon is full tonight or waxing toward it. 

Another affect the full moon has is to deprive me of sleep. I was puzzled when this first started, wondering why I couldn’t sleep; waking several times a night, or waking much, too early, say at 4 am. Yes, it’s the start of day for a Yogi, but it doesn’t work for me. It was consistent enough that I noticed the reoccurrence every full moon. OK, since I’m the mother of the werewolves, I must be affected by the glowing disk in the night sky, and began to wonder if I should go outside at howl at it.   

I already know from friends and family that a hospital’s ER becomes a mess of activity, and police friends agree that the full moon brings out people’s base behaviors. There are more accidents in general during the full moon. Go ahead, and ask.

Children in utero fall to the earth more readily during the full moon, or I mean, are born. Many parents can attest to this. Right? And I know, you know all about the moon and the tides.

Oh, boy – watch out for the Super Moon then. Also known as the perigee moon, which means near earth. Next one is September 28, 2015.  I’ll be sure to stock up on sleep a few days prior, and possibly get a hotel to escape the madness of my teen boys at home.

How do you children behave during this time?  Is there any noticeable difference? And what about you, is there any change in your own emotions or behavior?