Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Blogging is Back!


That’s what I’ve read online. Nathan Bransford wrote a post a couple of weeks ago that he’s bringing back blog conversations. Sounds good to me. 

After all, social media has become a cesspool of disinformation and people seeking validation in the most inappropriate ways. Even though there have been stories of solidarity and spaces where others have shared wonderful, uplifting stories, encouraging people to be and do their best. I won’t discount that. 

 A space of one’s own, a room of one’s own, not a forum that could be taken away or has you pay increasing amounts of money for hard-won followers and conversations.

I used to spend more time on this blog, writing snippets of interest pieces, until turning it into a website to host my books. When my writing career started with my first young adult thriller novella sent to the rare publisher who published novellas, now since closed, that would accompany my two-book middle-grade deal with another publisher. Just when MG book was sent to copy edits, the publisher released 50 authors, before eventually shutting down. We were fortunate, although it didn’t feel this way at the time. Many writers know this heartbreaking story all too well. 

 Home-based blogging and creating a community has appeal, the work put in stays. I’ve read about a few platforms having issues with allowing hate speech, etc. 

The world has changed since Covid in many ways, certainly for me. I used to have more time and I’d created a space to focus on writing for a set few hours a day. But when the pandemic hit my family business it was all hands on deck, a music club, that for a short time became a cafĂ© once the live music shut down. 

It's been over ten years since I began this writing adventure with the intent on being published and I don’t intend to stop now. I took my own pause during the month of March, overloaded with responsibilities, family stress, and writing several projects, I couldn’t see which way to go, or if I wanted to continue writing. I joined an online writing conference, a course in writing outside my genre, and a stone carving class. One thing I did figure out, is that I want to keep writing. It rises above my other creative endeavors. Writing is my heart. I was surprised actually. I spent most of my life in art school, singing and performing, but yeah, I love this grueling labor. Maybe, now since taking a break, it won’t feel so grueling. 

What I discovered is that if you love something (someone?), with your entire soul, you MUST take a pause. Even a short one may help you see more clearly. Help renew. And come back to it with insight. Nurture what you love, and take care of your heart. 

 Wishing you a happy spring! 

New York City ready to bloom!