Monday, November 2, 2015

A HOLD ON ME by Pat Esden Book Review and Giveaway!

A Hold on MeA Hold on Me by Pat Esden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Annie Freemont and her father, spend their lives on the road scouring for antiques, and encountering mysteries, and make quite the bargaining pair. Until his illness sends them back to a past, his past, the place her mother died: The family home of Moonhill. The last place her father wants to go.

Annie wants nothing more than to leave Moonhill, after meeting the strange sorts: her aunt, grandfather, and the cousins, especially when she discovers that someone drew a pentacle of salt under her bed. But when her aunt hides her father away, without explanation, Annie’s on the hunt and getting angrier. She soon learns that her mother died under mysterious circumstances, and when she next sees her father, he’s changed. His illness has rapidly progressed, but the methods her aunt and grandfather use to help him are unorthodox to say the least.

Annie questions everything. But Chase, the cute groundskeeper she tries to ignore and eventually can’t, warns her things aren’t what they seem. He’s not what he appears, nor are the others in her family. Plus they own him.

Annie, Chase, and newly aquatinted cousin, Selena join forces to help her father, but they soon discover they’re up against more than they could ever bargain for.

I loved the build up of this book. I didn’t think this was your typical paranormal thriller. The twist near the end gave the story such an exotic humor. An engrossing gothic read. I highly recommend it. I cannot wait to learn more about the Freemont family business in Book 2! Coming February 2016 from Kensington.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit !!

Happy November!  

Do you say White Rabbit or Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit at the start of each month?  I've been saying it since my college days when a good friend got me started.

So here's to a NEW Month--yay!  Autumn (yum!) and all the excitement new adventures bring.

Coco (my lab mix) is READY!

Be sure to stop in tomorrow when I host a #Giveaway of Pat Esden's book: A HOLD ON ME. You're gonna LOVE it! Gothic, suspense set in Maine. Plus a host of unnerving characters.