Friday, October 19, 2012

Writing Therapy

I can tell you first off that writing is my therapy. I knew this at a very early age when I needed to write. And I still do, of course. This little post is for the Writing Therapy Blog Hop

When I must get into my writer's brain, after spending time promoting my music or singing, etc—I force myself to write any kind of crazy garbage-- anything that dribbles out. I discovered a great exercise, where I set a timer for ten, or twenty minutes, and just lay it out on paper. Yes, writing by hand. When I slow down I can doodle until my subconscious thoughts catch up—or I catch up with them.

But my completely, most favorite, and foolproof way to write, particularly a rough draft, is to go for a 5k run. Oh my god, if I could get all the writers running, they’d see the effortlessness at which their words flow. While this is my most favorite technique for writing flow. I find it a little different for revisions, where I need to be alert, curt, and critical of my work--those are pure coffee days.

It is essential for writers, sitting for long hours, to move before, or after writing. 
Think of yourself as stagnant energy, and moving your body creates movement--right? This works for the entire being—the mind and the imagination in my experience.

So in Michelle Obama’s words: Get Moving!
Or is it Let’s Move? In any case, go and write, or write, and then get moving.