Monday, October 19, 2015

A Weekend of Firsts.

A dear old friend of mine invited me to join her at Liberty State Park last Sunday for the Ashrams for Autism First Annual 5K run.  What fun! And what incredible early morning views of downtown Manhattan. 

I run as much as I can though I have never entered a race. Not until yesterday. I brought my hubby, who also has never run a race, much less run 5 K. Sometimes we run together, only to have him splinter off with our lab mix, who no longer wants to go the distance with me. 

An inspiring charity, Ashrams for Autism

Started in 2010, Ashrams fo Autism grew out of founder, Sharon's love for her daughter, Kerri, who is on the spectrum, and her passion for Yoga. The programs were developed to bring those on the spectrum peace and dignity. Sharon's vision for Ashrams for Autism is to build and grow and ashram community.  

Please check out her website and become involved. My dear friend Nidhi Hubba, introduced me to this incredible charity and to Sharon. 

Nidhi was there sharing her love and knowledge of therapeutic essence and healing stones. The kids flocked to her table. Her company is Aum Home. You can have a consultation and she'll tell you how best to decorate any space in all the tones and colors that'll help you express who you are. I can't wait to become more involved in the future with Ashrams for Autism, and as far as the 5K race . . . 

I won FIRST PLACE  for my age group! And hubby placed 2nd...for his age group. We crossed the finish line together. Not bad for our first 5K. Not bad at all.  Until next year!  Hope to see you there.