Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bower Boys Survival Tips: Rose Hips.

The Bower Boys from my YA novella, THE UNMOVING SKY, publishes with Leap Books, is about two brothers, 17 and 15, lost in the woods, who are found by a stranger with destructive plans. The "Bower Boys Survival Tips" are some of what they might find in the woods and could consume for energy (food), and, or medicine. 
They'd find the red berries in the late autumn, and the petals during June, which can be eaten too. 

I'm updating this post from a couple years ago, and you'll have plenty of time for preparations. I bet you can find a few dried red berry still on the vine. 

After they bloom, do not deadhead your roses and you'll have rose-hips for teas, jellies, and tarts come  fall and winter.

Wild roses are abundant here in the northeast. In June, plumes of intoxicating fragrance linger throughout my yard. Their heady fragrance overflows the parkway, intoxicating my drive North from NYC.

If you don't pick the flowers, (their kind of small) and allow them to seed, you'll have delicious, nutritious rose hip tea any time of the year. The rose hip has more vitamin C than citrus.

After the first frost they turn orangey-red (see above photo) Pick and dry out, either in sun or a dehydrator.  That's it, use as you please.

Remember, of course, never pick where you suspect any pesticide runoff. 

 After you dry the rose hip completely, you can seal in an air tight jar and save for the long winter months, though this collection won't last very long.

I'll be making high in vitamin C, and bioflavonoid, tea for a few weeks with these lovelies.
You can make jams
Or anything your heart desires.