Friday, December 20, 2013

Projects fueled by Holiday Gifts and Coffee!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

    This weekend is a busy one. Hubby and I have waited until the last possible minutes to gather our Christmas goodies for family and friends. I have ideas, but is there time to get the work done?  
I'm making super easy coconut and dark chocolate balls as a gift and handmade fragrances I've made in the past. This year I have vanilla beans that have soaked for two years--and do they smell GOOD!

But I also wanted to paint pictures for family and friends, who are always asking me. I started building a website for my watercolors and I hope to get it up and running this weekend. Too much to chew? --Possibly. This morning it all seems possible, but then again, coffee is fueling this ambition. 

 Hibiscus in watercolor by karen lee

Here's the link to the coconut dark chocolate recipe video. I made these for my kids - - and you never saw faster fingers on the move. They were SO EASY & Delish!
Plus, there's no cooking involved. 


     What last minute whipper-snap-up gifts are you making this weekend?