Monday, January 6, 2020

I conquered my fear of flying! with the help of Captain Tom Bunn, MSW, LCSW licensed therapist and founder of SOAR, Inc.


On the way down to Orlando.
If you’re a fearful flyer I highly recommend this program. It’s helped thousands fly again. The best way to begin a new decade! Happy New Year! 

Here's the letter I sent recommending the SOAR program.   

Dear Captain Tom Bunn:

Yesterday, I returned to New York City after a round trip flight from Orlando visiting family. 
Growing up, I often flew alone with my little brother to visit our father and I’d taken several overseas flights throughout the years with no problem. I enjoyed soaring the skies, but then came 9/11 and two young children to protect, but we continued our yearly family vacations, until the summer twelve years ago, during a turbulent Caribbean flight as I imagined the worst during the strong turbulence.

As misinformation took over, I kept telling myself the stories that led to not wanting to fly ever again – then came the shame and the yearning to travel seeing friends travel the world. I hid it from my children, claiming we didn’t have the money or the time to travel. The shame was deep and painful.

Then two weeks ago, my husband booked a flight so that my family could visit an ill relative, the only way we could all go together, and I began working through the exercises. My anticipatory anxiety was off the charts. I read Capt. Tom Bunn’s book SOAR, loaded the app, and bucked down. I allowed myself to trust that the anticipatory anxiety wouldn’t be as bad when I got to the airport as Tom Bunn explained in his book. I practiced the 1-2-3-4-5 and the strength training exercises dutifully.

Learning how planes actually work, was a huge mind-opener for me. As it turned out turbulence was just about the last thing to worry about. Additionally, to desensitize myself, I imagined jumping up and down on the plane during turbulence saying “I’m not afraid of this!”

And just as Capt. Tom Bunn said, I didn’t have anxiety on the plane and it was minimal at the airport, even while dealing with my son’s general anxiety at the same time. I joked around with the flight attendants, watched the scenery out the window that once again gave me a sense of calm. The way I felt flying as a young girl. The positive attitude that arose out of me was a huge surprise.

I’m crying tears of joy knowing I’m free to live again! Subsequently helping the blockages in my life in general. Thank you, Tom! Thank you from the depth of my soul.  

On the way back.

Have you stopped flying? If so, this program could change your life!   <3 nbsp="" p="">