Monday, February 28, 2011

A new Beginning

The first of March is tomorrow, and today I will clean away the the last of winter and fog of old and unused possibilities.
After a marathon week with my two wild and crazy boys, today, I renew my Middle Grade Agent search. I am realizing that my four rejections, may have something to do with there not being enough of a "hook" included with the ten sample pages I've sent.
I will to will a hook, into the world of Three Points that will raise an eye brow and pull an agent-ing adult into Abegale's world.
I've set up my twitter to collect cool and accepting sounding Agents; following along and reading their whims and accounts of the Middle Grade or YA publishing world. It is very efficient because I can still research publishing on the run or on the road. I wouldn't actually twitter as I was jogging. But I love my very smart phone for this and I can access twitter links with any 5 spare minutes.
Now, What I can really use is a good editing/word/grammar program for Mac--you may already notice this. And I will look into this. Time to edit --I'm feeling nervous. :)