Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tree and Fence Seam . . .

I found this tree in a neighborhood I pass through often in the West Village. 
But today was the first time I SAW this tree, still flourishing, and appearing fine, and strong. This is the journey of writing, after all, and everywhere I journey, I find inspiration -- on a good day. 

I thought I might write a poem for this image. Then wondered, if someone else wanted to write, say, a haiku?
The image is the juxtaposition of two.
Explained on website Giggle Poetry: 
Traditional Japanese haiku had a total of seventeen syllables divided into three clumps (or lines):
Five syllables
Seven syllables
Five syllables
"Some teachers think children should be taught to write haiku that conform to these rigid specifications. I disagree. The essence of haiku is the way it describes natural phenomena in the fewest number of words, making an indelible impression on the reader. The artistic effect, to me, is much more important than the number of syllables."
To read more: the site is filled with Fun Poetry for kids.
If your Game, leave your Haiku in the comments. 
I'll come back with mine in the comments. Happy Trails!