Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Who Loves Sci-Fi Anthologies?

You can read my short story in Alien Dimensions, First Contact Issue #25, THE HARVEST. 

                                   And find out how shelter dogs help the aliens when they arrive in 2026.  


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From the Editor, Neil Hogan: 

Tired of space fiction that turns out to be contemporary fiction with a science fiction background?

Bored with the same old tropes being recycled?

Desperate for something that’s not just humans versus aliens?

Alien Dimensions is here to help! Always on the lookout for alien stories with a futuristic setting integral to the story rather than just a backdrop, featuring stories based on real science, you’re sure to find something that will get you thinking in every issue. Let’s get the science back into science fiction, the intelligent aliens back into the dialogue, and let’s just escape to a world completely unconnected and unrelated to the one we’re in now.

This issue:

The Creature from Another World – Humphrey Price
Volunteers – Tyree Campbell
Man Among Others – Jason Lairamore
The Phobos Box – Allen Ashley
Celestial Injustice: Trial of the Blue Planet by James Ward
In Earth’s Backyard – James F. McGrath
Aldanian Geometry – Gail Brown
Reach For It – Ourliazo Tap
Memories in Water – Louise Butler
Canned Meat – Vincent deDiego Metzo
Sometimes We Get What We Pay For – Mord McGhee
Vothari Blood – Philip Goode
Dragon in the Laut – J. L. Royce
The Harvest – K. L. Hallam
Voice Zones – Neil A. Hogan

And if you have a story to share, the next theme is ...

Mars Colonization 2033

Submission period for this theme: November 1st 2023 to January 31st 2024

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