Friday, October 28, 2011

ABEGALE FORCE New -hopefully improved--Did I raise the stakes?

Abegale’s best friend has a peculiar new landlady, Mrs. Egremony. She runs the “Villas,” for low-income housing. She eats the weeds, dresses like she from the pioneering days, and asks a lot of questions. When she mentions that Abegale’s missing grandmother “is near, but far,” it is now Abegale who wants to ask the questions. Although, it appears Mrs. Egremony has come back to Pine Crest looking for grandmother too.

In sixth-grader Abegale’s quest for answers, she comes across her grandmother’s botanical medicine book and magic cards. Within its pages she reads of a plant that has the power to heal her brother, before his next trip to the hospital becomes his last. She also learns who her grandmother really was. Abegale sets out to find the plant and get answers to her whereabouts for the last three years.

Meanwhile, a crow following Abegale’s every move and deer pretending to be dead, lure Abegale into the woods to face her grandmother’s abandoned cottage. But it isn’t vacant anymore. Horrified by what has taken residence and angry, Abegale vows to rid the town of the cruel new occupants. She explains the environmental impact they could face. Now everyone in all of Three Points is interested. And clearing the cottage may be the only way to bring her grandmother back.

ABEGALE FORCE is a contemporary upper middle-grade mystery with supernatural elements, complete at 80,000 words. In writing this manuscript, I drew on my studies in herbalism, nutrition, and The Tarot, also my experience as a parent of middle-graders.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.