Friday, April 20, 2018

Reality Check!

I haven’t posted much over the last couple months, drafting two new manuscripts, one’s a YA, and with a beta reader, the other a middle-grade I’ve started revising. Some days it feels like I’m running out of time.
Do you ever feel this way, as a writer?
I’m fortunate the years of wrestling for writing time finally produced. Maybe it’s my age, (the fear of death) the spinning of the Earth, or moving toward the galactic center, but I cannot write fast enough.

Or it could be I’m hiding in my writing to escape the world!
But it doesn’t last.
When the pages of my fictional world close, the world around me opens.

Today’s reality check was the Student Walk Out! I stand in solidarity!

The NRA is a terrorist organization.  #NeverAgain

While the so-called leaders, ruin our democracy, I find hope and leadership in the children of the USA. Go, Team!