Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ink in the Book: GUTGAA Pitch #10 AbeGale Force

Ink in the Book: GUTGAA Pitch #10 AbeGale Force: AbeGale Force Upper MG: Magical Realism Adventure 75,000 Query: Thirteen year-old Abegale finds Grandma’s medicine book. Can she use ...

Here's my entry...getting some Great feedback. Yay!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pitch Fever Reigns

Here I go again.

I can hardly keep organized with the pitch workshops, the #pitmad, #pitchon, and #pitchlive and first page Agent contests all happening. Today the #GUTGAA Small Press Pitch has gone live.

My entry, ABEGALE FORCE: is in for Upper MG. . . if you want to leave an anonymous comment.

"The judges will leave feedback and place votes under their SECRET NAMES from Monday until Thursday and the winners will be announced no later than Friday." O.o

I'm blown away, most everyday with the generous support of other writers, sharing their experience, and talents in hosting opportunities for other writers. This is my kind of world.

Now, to check where I left my pitch draft for critique.

**I didn't even mention the BLOG TOUR!! A list of blogs participating are at the bottom of this page. Haven't figured how to add the names higher up the blog, without the names scrolling of the edges. ...happy travels, and blog jumping new writer friends!