Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello Im on Earth, Alive and kicking ! And here's what i've been doing:

I haven't had any time to work on my Blog, since I had the idea to begin one, last year or so. But I have finally finished writing and editing (for the most part) the YA book i had worked on for over three years--Now i realize it is An Upper Middle Grade Fiction, as there is no sex or violence within. --These teens are far more advanced than I was.
The Story is of, Abegale Anton-Shale, on the cusp of becoming 13, living in rural America anywhere-- in an idyllic setting of lakes and valley's and a Pine Forest, she knows very well. She is one of the primary caregivers of her asthmatic little brother, with her mom gone, working all hours.
She meets her best friend's mysterious new landlady, Mrs. Egremony and it turns out she knew her departed Grandmother, years before she was even born. Abegale also comes to discover who her Nam really was, and finds out more about herself with the healing talents she's inherited from her.
Now Abegale wants to ask Mrs. Egremony some questions, thinking she might give a clue to her disappearance three years ago, while traveling in the Marcahuasi Plateau in Peru, in search of herbs.
Abegale finds a secret herbal healing book and Tarot cards, left behind by her Grandmother--Was this a trail to follow, she wonders and seeks out to know, puzzled by the tarot cards descriptive images, and guided by dreams; while searching for a way to help her brother's asthma and keep him out of the hospital for good.
Abegale suspects a crow is trying to communicate, it seems to be everywhere even in her dreams. And the are deer coming out of the forest, trying to get her attention and bring her back into the place she's nearly abandoned. Her grandmother's cottage is in the woods of Pine Crest and now, to her horror, something unspeakable, has moved into her grandmother's home--her home. With the help of the community and unsuspecting friends, Abegale hatches a plan to rid the town of the intruders.

working title: Abe[Gale Force]