Friday, October 12, 2012

Pitch Live

                                  #PITCHLIVE EVENT 

           A Very Special Thank You goes out to Brenda Drake and her band of elves for creating this fun opportunity.


                                            Title: ABEGALE FORCE
                        Genre: Upper MG Magical Realism Adventure
                                        word count: 75k


Thirteen year-old Abegale must discover how a medicine book, magic cards, and a grim old lady are going to help bring a grandmother home she thought was dead.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Writing Contest Season

It sure seems like it. And everybody's winning!

Whether getting a request from an agent, critiques on their work, or making new writing connections--It's happening--everywhere.

I'm trying to keep all organized using my fancy phone--my organizing buddy. After passing through #Pitmad and sending my pitch to an agent, and then another first page/tagline contest, where I was a first page finalist, I can't get enough now, and, well, it just keeps getting better, because the contests keep rolling in. Best part--meeting the writers along the way, who lend their fresh, eyes O.O to  something your working on. Love it! Need it!

Now, there's the Hook, Line and Sinker contest, where you can find more info on Dee Romito's Blog,
I WRITE FOR APPLES and Trick or Treat with Agents contest:
Oh, and she has some inspiring "How I got my agent stories" And today features Jennifer Malone, one of our MG betareaders. YAY!! Jennifer! Can't wait to hear more Marnie adventures.

You may be interested in the PitchLive contest happening on Brenda Drake's Blog,
Something a little different, but familiar--Videotape a 2 min. pitch to an agent and post it! Ahhh! Yeap. Those Pitches go live on Oct. 15th. Get to it. I found it helpful recording the video on my iphone--where I could control the lighting by moving to a bright -light-flattering window. Just need to have the video set to public on the day of. Should be fun. More info on Brenda's Blog.

Oooh. And we will NOT forget The Baker's Dozen Contest on Authoresses Blog, no we won't. Because, I am real excited to participate this year. Here's the low-down:
Fifteen top-notch agents will participate in being hooked.
Check out the YA/MG and Adult submission schedules for Baker's Dozen:

And Good Luck!

Just got word of this one the other day: Spooktacluar Pitch Extravaganza on Jamie Corrigan's beautiful Blog: Oct 13th Folks. Three sentence pitch. No more, no less. Get Busy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perplexing and over thinking. Yeap, that's me.

My little conundrum.

Last December, I sent a query off to an amazing agent. He reported back that he'd like to see my first fifty pages, snail mailed. I did. Then, just before January of 2012, I got a message back that while, agent liked the story concept, and the characters, he suggested, "making every word count." And he'd be happy to take another look in May. This was last May.

Since then, I started an MGbetareader group--an awesome bunch of very talented writers with eagle eyes. I went through a couple beta reads, and revisions. I'm currently awaiting a last beta read for a final run through.
Now, my question is: How do I resend? Do I simply send a query? Or do I resend the first fifty pages, again, snail mailed, as he prefers? My fear, oh, you know I have some fears...What if the query isn't caught? What if it slips through the emails of very busy agent?

Silly. I know.  So how should I go about this? Anyone? Not exactly an R&R...but?  
Thank you for any helpful suggestions.