Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thursday's Children ~ Inspiration April 25th.

Where do I find inspiration? The weekly theme of Thursday's Children Hosted by: Rhiann Wynn-Nolet Join us!

From my beta readers/CP's!!
-because we're flexible like that.

Guess it was two years ago in July that I found Jeff and Jennifer on Krista Van Dolzer's blog, Mother Write Repeat. Krista wrote about beta readers and how many writers were having difficulty finding writer buddies in their own genres.

Being in this boat myself, with my writing friends not writing my genre--they were great and very encouraging--but not MG readers, not even YA. I even had trouble finding beta readers with the list SCBWI sent me. And I live in NYC! I finally realized, and it took awhile, sometimes you’ve just got to create what isn't there.

I snagged a couple forlorn writers within Krista’s comment stream, and we created the #MGbetareaders (look for us on twitter) Found a few more on twitter, and then a friend of a friend, and it snowballed. Now 24 members strong, they inspire me everyday.

Some have recently found agents. Some have sworn off writing, only to be on the road to an agent/publisher by the next email. Others get down, or overburdened and remind me we all feel this--not just me. I let the feeling sorry for myself bug vanish when I hear their stories. Or any writer’s story for that matter—We need stories! Damn they’re helpful.

Being 'sensitive' types, guided and sometimes driven by our emotions. It's great when they check in with their fears, hopes-- and contests to share!
Love each and every one of you: Akoss, Ella, Becky, Melanie, Jean, Jennifer, Annie, April, Ashley, Chris, Jeff, Devon, Dana, Jay, Heidi, Ki-wing, Paul, Gail, Rebecca, Rebekah, Rebecca, and Ronnie--an Awesome, Amazing, and Generous team. Go Team! Some are rocking the CampNaNo.
So, get down—in your seats--and keep writing! 
You sure inspire me to NEVER stop!  XO