Monday, November 30, 2015

NA Book Review: The Right Kind of Mistake by Rebecca Thomas

Right Kind of Mistake (Right Kind of Mistake, #1)Right Kind of Mistake by Rebecca Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Arc for an honest review:

What a sizzling start! I haven’t read many NA books, so I was taken by surprise, and a little flustered, feeling quite the same as the MC, Haylie did, wrestling with her mind, in a tug of war with her heart over dating any more hockey players. Ever. After the last one, Tyler deserted her to follow his dream, even though she followed him to Alaska to attend the same University.

The sacrifice she’s made, and continues to make, being off limits to any hockey players, tests her resolve. But it’s ok because she isn’t looking for a boyfriend. She wants to try being a little daring, adventurous, wild. She throws herself at Cam, also on the hockey team, and sidekick once to Tyler. “Retaliation sex” That’s her reasoning. She convinces herself she can do it—after only ever have one serious boyfriend, she was finished with being good. But she struggles with this idea too.

There’s quite a bit of suspense in Haylie’s wrestling with her doubts. She tries to find a reason—aside from crippling desire—to be with Cam again. He confesses he’s always pined away for her and has actually waited for her. And he’s unlike anybody she’s ever met before. Trust me, he’s pretty damn sexy, and his patience endearing.

Haylie’s two best friends help her along, which is good because I wanted to do what BFF Maya tried to do—and help her to not make the mistake of losing someone really special because of her jaded self-talk. But Cam does one hell of a job convincing her to give him a shot because he isn’t looking for a fling, he’s waited too long for her.

Haylie soon discovers more about herself as her heart opens, her latent artistic talents, that she just may decide to put to good use. I look forward to seeing how Cam and Haylie’s relationship develops. See what else Haylie discovers about herself—her multiple talents and her dreams. It’s time for Haylie to live! Without her ex-boyfriend telling her how to think or to feel—she’s ready to break down every invisible wall! Go Haylie!

Please know this is part one of two, and by the end of The Right Kind of Mistake, the build up's percolating very nicely.

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