Thursday, December 1, 2016

Victims of Domestic Abuse Deserve Better

As a young child, I had to watch my parents fight in the most excruciating of ways. I'll never forget the pain and isolation of not being able to do anything to help. Thankfully, they divorced after eleven years. My mother, a tower of strength raised us, and being an immigrant from Greece, English wasn't her first language it was a struggle. 

This very important message from Open Educators. I hope this will help others.

Although domestic abuse has seen a decline in recent years, there are still millions — millions — of Americans who endure it each year. Not only is it a terrible way  to live — domestic violence victims never deserve to be abused, period — it’s behavior that should never be tolerated.

To show our support for those in abusive relationships, we wanted to share some helpful articles that we hope will provide some hope:

Secret Escape Plan for Domestic Violence Victims
7 steps to build a credit history, quietly, before getting out

If you are a victim of domestic violence, please know that you deserve better, and there are many ways to get the help you need. If you’re not comfortable contacting your local law enforcement agency, consider reaching out to an anonymous hotline:

Monday, November 28, 2016

Book Review: Gilded Cage by Vic James. (Dark Gifts #1)

(A repost of my review from the Kidliterati blog)

Gilded Cage (Dark Gifts, #1)Gilded Cage by Vic James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One family is torn apart by Equals, aristocrats with mysterious powers, and held captive.

Luke Hadley, sixteen-years-old, is ripped away from his family and sent to Millmoor, the dusty, grimy low down, work camp everyone spends ten years, to fulfill societal obligations. While his two sisters and parents are sent to work for none other than Lord Jardine, ruler of the most powerful family in Great Britain. Thanks to his sister Abi’s smarts, the rest of his family works underfoot, serving their time, and his ten-year-old sister is in charge of caring for Heir Jardin’s illegitimate new baby.

ID chipped, and living in Millmore, the country’s oldest slave town. Luke meets a few unusual suspects and joins in the plans for a revolution.

Back at the Royal Family’s in Kyneston, Abi is falling for Jenner, Lord Jardine’s polite, and handsome (UnSkilled) son, while working together to organize the offices.
Baby Libby’s father is Gavar Jardine, heir of Jardine, and his anger is explosive at best. Ten-year-old, Daisy, has come to trust him, against the family’s best interests. And there’s the Young Master, Silyen Jardine, whose “gift” makes Abi’s uncomfortable, if not downright ill, the way he enters her head and sees everything.

Lords and Ladies, torment, and secrets and possible revolution, a dystopian world that feels familiar but oh, so different, and the likelihood of it being feasible are quite frightening. Gilded Cage, is told in multiple POVs, which kept the pace flowing and the tension tight. I was hooked from the start, the pace, and the author’s imagination is extraordinary, the end (chill bumps!) leaves you wanting more.

A magical, YA fantasy. I hope this book becomes series, for years and years to come. Outstanding YA debut for all ages.

Expected publication: February 14th, 2017 by Del Rey Books

*There’s a Goodreads Giveaway for this book until mid-December.

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