Thursday, August 27, 2015

Writerly field trips: StoryLines at the Guggenheim.

I live in New York City. It's great--so much to do, culturally, and otherwise. But I began to realize how much I was missing out, being so busy writing, day and into evenings on some nights. 
So, I decided I had to get out! I had to visit more museums. Write my impressions. Use the narrative of the artwork and describe what it means to me. 

Sounds like a plan, right? Here's my first step. 

The Storylines exhibit at the Guggenheim inspired this. My favorite artist, at the exhibit was Agnieszka Kurant . . . for Phantom Library. 

Phantom Library by artist, Agnieszka Kurant 

I found a book by Kilgore Trout! So tickled over this.Vonnegut fans will know. 

"Agnieszka Kurant's work uses material from fictional or invisible constructions of social, economic, and political systems that produce a form of value that she has termed "phantom capital". This network of historic, scientific, geographic, and aesthetic references is the foundation for collective cultural authorship in which truth and myth--both valid ways of interpreting societal conditions--are inextricable...."

" . . . Though the volumes remain largely blank inside, certain pages of select book are interleaved with black-and-white images that depict stars and planets in space, alluding to the expansive possibilities of realizing the unreal and to the insignificance of the individual amid greater forces."

You can still catch it through September 9th.   Go!  It might even help you write a new narrative.

More museum trips to follow. I for one, can't wait.