Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abegale's Diaries

I'm just working on an IDEA, someone helped me with, which is: Abegale's Blog; or her Diary.

I'm trying to build the ideas around what Abegale did when her father died five years ago. And how she came to live with her Uncle Dave, while her mother recovered in intensive care, and her brother's feelings, from her perspective, of course.

Abegale Anton-Shale can talk about spending this time, getting close to her Grandmother, and about some of the projects they worked on together (herbal potions/wildcrafted teas and medicine). Maybe even the ghostly, or alternative realms of reality; she may have witnessed when she was 8; clouds of the unconscious burst open, into clarity, as she writes.

It's good. This is going to be fun. I'll begin with the eight-year old Abegale and slowly move into present-day Pine Crest. Going farther into her future, is possible too.

News Flash: Abegale having found her old Diaries, will begin to read them from 2020; Earth time. She states in the opening blog.
After all, Abegale didn't have a computer, and she kept her own "Knowledge Book" as her Grandmother kept a book filled with her learnings.
Abegale's book, or Diaries, are filled with her.
Her Blog is under construction. I will post, as soon as the idea has had time to pour forth.

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