Friday, June 1, 2012

Too Busy Writing?

      I told myself that I'm going to stare at this box, and type something--anything of interest, because I must.

 I read a post last week about why fiction writers have trouble writing in their blog journals, me being one of them, and now I understood why--I'd rather write made-up stories.
The other reason being, my book is not out--not sold--not self-published, nada. I wait...but I've been writing, doesn't this count?

My middle-grade supernatural mystery adventure is with my friend, an editor. While I wait for her edits, and instead of continuing the second book in AF, which is a composition book full. I thought I should use my energy/time wisely writing another story, if say, AbeGale Force, is never picked up by an agent. (Yes, I write longhand into composition books--didn't Bill Clinton do this). And I so DO want an agent. I’m not against promoting, I know I’d have to do this anyway, even with an agent—I promote my weekly singing gig—I don’t mind the hustle. I just like direction, especially in unfamiliar waters.

So I began another adventure WIP, where the MC is a fifteen-year-old boy. It's in first person.  

The story is a little darker than AbeGale Force... it's an adventure, and also an adventure for me, because it's something different from what I've done before, it's fun.

Also, real different, was entering a Romance Short Story contest, though I didn't win--I learned that I could write 5,000 words in four days, even after coming down with bronchitis--managed the last 250 words from my sick bed. I'm certain the quality faltered at that point. But I did it! 

This reminds me of another post I saw this week from the Blog: Miss Snark’s First Victim, about writers writing from the Heart or for the Market. Whether writing for market, or from the heart, it must be good to be challenged, writing in genres you aren’t use to. Or is it better to stick with what you're good at? 

Until you find out: experiment, experiment. That's why I love writing prompts, because they throw you somewhere unfamiliar, and you get to it with a fresh perspective.
As an aspiring author—who’s been aspiring since first grade, when I’d bring my diary to class with it’s made up stories, and read out loud. (Yes-my teacher allowed this)
I’d think experimenting in different genres would keep the mind flexible.

I have an Historical Romance, weighing in my mind now, waiting in line—A Victorian Romance—for adults—not as adult as the Romance story was. Hint: It has to do with Alfred Lord Tennyson, and a far-reaching ancestor of mine….shhh. It’s still in the imagination station.

Affirmation for today: May I write a weekly blog post.  Enjoy the week. 

Here's the Blog & post mentioned above. Miss Snark rules on the Blog Waves for writers.

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