Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Looking for MG Beta Readers?

I was lost, and now I’ve found -- a few beta readers. Necessity breeds, what it needs to get through, at least the real important stuff, and for me--writing. 

It wasn’t easy, even living in New York City, maybe, because everyone’s so busy? More people sure, but everyone only has so much time, and many were overloaded, in a critique group, or non-responsive through writer’s resources, some friends wrote in different genres. Many reasons—not.

I was inspired after reading Krista Van Dolzer’s Beta Reader Browse on her blog: Mother, Write, Repeat. Where she mentioned a shout out to those looking for beta readers and critique partner, and 
--eureka! MG beta reader’s yahoo group was materialized.

This is probably done all the time, right? But after someone on the thread contacted me for a beta reader, I figured, maybe this is an efficient way to help others, and myself, get the extra eyes we need on our work before submitting to agents, or publishers.
And create a space for beta readers of MG, and ‘upper’ MG—or lower YA—still unsure, to also share our tips, and resources.

So come along… those searching for MG beta readers…leave a comment and I’ll see you get an invite.

There are a few of us, up and reading now. A few polishing still, and we’ve only just begun -- last week in fact. Later on we may move into all types of YA -- upper, lower, in-between. But for now, we’re just getting acquainted.

Happy Inventive Writing!

link to the blog: Mother, Write, Repeat.

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