Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Entering the Land of Writing Contests!

I missed the first round of  #Gutgaa. I did register, but became overwhelmed in the last #Pitmad twitter fest. I was "favorited" over my pitch and asked to query a most AWESOME Agent. My fingers are still crossed. She is a dream agent. Here's the twitter pitch that snagged her request for ten pages:

Abegale finds grandmother's medicine book, but can she use it to bring her home before she's trapped for eternity on the solstice? MG

But to make it even better: 13 yo Abegale finds grandma's medicine book. Can she use it to bring  grandma home before she's trapped between the fabric of space for eternity? MG

I also became a FINALIST over at the WriterlyRejects with my first page and pitch!! with another awesome agent. http://www.writerlyrejects.blogspot.com/2012/09/and-winner-is.html  YAY!! So I had to send that baby in. And being someone who can only really focus on so much at a time, I had to say, woah pony, don't be gettin' greedy.

I entered the #DefytheDark Anthology contest last month--and waiting to hear later in October from  editor & author, Saundra Mitchell, who is judging--reading millions upon millions of words. My kind of super hero!
If you'd like to read my entry on Figment--have a peek:http://figment.com/books/416487-You-re-Always-There

I still have another dream agent waiting for revised pages. He said he'd be happy to take another look after May, or there about....uhm, that was last May. But hey, I think agents prefer you take the time to revise well, right? I'm just waiting on last beta read (hopefully-for now) from our MGbetareaders group. A few of use are getting lots of full/partial requests. Go Team!
If you need a betareader, we wouldn't mind a few more in our group. There are about ten of us now, some are more active with needing readers than others. We LOVE company. Join us, if you want more eyes on your manuscript. I'm the moderator--send me a message with your email, and I will send the invite. 

Busy days--love it! Especially since I was able to squeeze in some WIP writing over last weekend. Writing rough drafts is SO MUCH FUN!  Non judgmental, anything goes, dream time, and I'm lead around by a muse that likes surprising me. Salute!

Happy rewriting! And get in on those contests.

Twitter is a gold mine in resources for writers helping each other. Check out #MGlitchat on Thursday nights beginning at 9:00pm. Eastern time. ;)


Caryn Caldwell said...

Wow! You've had some fantastic success! Great job, and good luck! May all your submissions and revisions go well.

K. L. Hallam said...

Thanks Caryn! So nice of you to say. And supportive, thank you for stopping by!