Thursday, September 17, 2015

EXPOSED by Judith Graves (Retribution Trilogy) Booktrailer

This is amazing you guys!  My editor, Judith Graves, at Leap Books made this book trailer.
And guess what? She helped make my book trailer for The Unmoving Sky.
And it's Coming Soon!

You can watch the trailer for EXPOSED of the Retribution Trilogy here, from award-winning writer, editor extraordinaire, and did I mention her haunting singing and musical deftness. She's the bomb! You want to read this. PreOrder Retribution.

EXPOSED by Judith Graves

Part of RETRIBUTION—a high-interest trilogy that can be read in any order: BURNED, EXPOSED, UNLEASHED - from Orca Book Publishers and launching October 2015.

Raven is cunning, aggressive and whip-smart—she’s had to be to survive. She was taken in at a young age by the boss of a car-theft ring, who rescued her from a life of hell. 

For too long she’s believed she owes him everything and used her uncanny urban climbing skills to train young recruits for what she believes are victimless crimes. Until Raven discovers that his compassion for the kids he wrangles into the ring is just a front, and they are all merely tools of his trade, nothing more. 

When he’s responsible for the death of Raven’s young “apprentice,” she finally sees him for what he really is—and sets out to bring him down.


Unknown said...

This is super cool! Beautiful trailer and I would love to read your book! I'll have to get tuned in here and read your previous books as well. *Goes to Amazon and search* :)

K. L. Hallam said...

Hi, Sara! Thanks for visiting. Judith Graves writes some great YA & MG. She also writes under Judith Tewes and you can find a few of her fiction pieces on Wattpad and read a sample. An award-winning screenwriter, she is--and my editor! Lucky, me. :)