Monday, March 28, 2016

Bower Boys Survival Tips: Pine (Nut) Trees.

In The Unmoving Sky, Jackson Bower while lost in the woods, looks around for what he and his brother might eat nearby. He sees many pine trees, but it’s April and they're no pine nuts in the cones this time of year.

However, the pine bristle is high in Vitamin C. Which the boys could grind, or chew and add to a bottle of water for nourishment. You can make a tea with the bristles. Chop and boil for a couple of minutes. The water should turn light yellow. Add honey.

But Jackson and Artie are without a bottle of water. There’s water running everywhere. There’s a torrential, constant downpour, and streams flowing underfoot. Jackson’s primary focus is shelter, and the mighty pine tree shelters them, but in the morning … a stranger finds them. He takes the brothers back to his cave.  

Here’s a great resource for learning more about eating pine trees! 

Apparently, you can also eat the bark.  Enjoy!

The Unmoving Sky    Coming Soon!  pub's May 16, 2016.  

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