Monday, March 7, 2016

March Came in like a Lion.

 . . . and I'm buzzing from all of the energy!

Feels so good to be producing and being acknowledged for hard work. After years of toiling away uncertain. Uncertain if anyone will see the stories I'd spent years writing. Continuing to trust my voice even in unfamiliar, guarded territory, and learning to raise it as I step forward.

Ahhh. I'm refreshed, but still at it. Working to create something from my imagination and mind and heart, others can share. Maybe find something of themselves in the work. Otherwise, why?

I've written poetry only for myself. I needed it. Books of poetry. Handpainted and bound. My fiction became my longest commitment to paper. Growing up, I didn't believe becoming an author was a possibility. Even while I created book covers with my name on them in my tweens, or read my diary to the first-grade class. Writing a sprint of poetry during the twenty minutes my child would nap. I pursued dreams I thought I could manage like music or illustration. If I want to keep writing in secret I could do that and write in isolation.

Dug this up yesterday. My handmade poetry book circa 1989. More on my Instagram account author_klhallam. 

But I want to live outside--with everyone, creating conversations, building communities, and bringing people together. Communication. I love living in New York City. It's a large city with small communities. I talk to most everyone and find myself fortunate hearing their stories. So many STORIES. It's intoxicating! Sharing stories is part of our humanity.

So, March came in like a lion and I've been immersed in revisions for two separate books since last summer. GITCH, my MG "Tech" Fantasy releases in 2017 with  Georgia McBride for Tantrum books. THE UNMOVING SKY is my young adult, contemporary, suspense, launching with Leap Books this May 16, 2016!!  I'm so very excited and nervous of course. But I'm buzzing with energy! The gratitude swallows the terror of WT-heck am I doing? Especially as far as all the non-writer parts go. Such as marketing and growing a business. But that's okay. I love learning new skills.

As Rick James would say "Give it to me baby".    
How about you? What are you excited about? 
Tell me a story.

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