Friday, May 6, 2016

How Does Anger Serve Us?

Anger, sizzling frustration, burning coals of unmet desire. How do we tame it? In my novella, THE UNMOVING SKY, there’s anger, guilt, frustration, and regret. How does it serve us?  
Anger has its useful side. When something burns you up, ask yourself why? Are you angry with yourself, or another? Releasing control might help some situations, freeing your heart of this imprisoning temperament. But instead, get a microscope. Look closely at what is causing the initial frustration, before it leads you down a destructive path. 

I’ve had to deal with other people’s anger much of my life. But really, who hasn’t? I’ve been on the other side of the belt, bullying, or jealousy. Anger comes in many forms. Insecurity made be part of its seed. Often it’s a build up of several factors. Everyone has stress but how do you deal with yours? This is fundamental.

Our world has been led into some scary scenario’s being played out. This anger is very difficult to scratch: the collective anger. Many of us are frustrated with this election season, the state of the world, our dwindling resources, and those in power doing NOTHING to help our country or the rest of OUR suffering World. Though we protest, we have little control. So much anger everywhere. 
Once again, I bring us back to managing this anger and deep frustration.
A few ideas: 
Communication. This is top for me. I know much frustration, anger, and disappointment can be headed off by communicating, talking about the situation. Learning to understand others. Put yourself in their shoes. See the good first. 

I'm speaking from life experience, but for further discussion you can find help here:·   
From the experts at American Psychological Association, to help you understand your anger.

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