Friday, July 1, 2016

When Your Book is Cancelled.

So I lived through every writer’s nightmare. Hooray, glad that’s over!
I’d hardly realized this until another writer pointed it out. I suppose my rose-colored glasses were tainted pretty heavily.

After a year, nearly to the date, of deep revisions, my middle-grade book, GLITCH and its option book, were canceled by Month9Books/Tantrum. In a statement from Publisher’s Weekly about the company reverting rights to 50 authors across the board due to health problems, lost counsel, and a death within the company. (The perfect storm) I’m devastated, to say the least. 

Last year, I had to tango with writing/revising three books. (While helping my senior with dyslexia prepare for acting conservatory). It was grueling. I stayed in evenings to work on the books, took weekends to write, and woke earlier. All I did all year was work on those three books. Thank the heavens I have a young adult novella out with Leap Books/Shine imprint (May 16, 2016), getting favorable reviews.The bad news about my rights being reverted came two days its release. I had to attend its book party with a heavy heart, forcing myself out there when I was nauseous, sleep deprived, and ill with sadness. I really don’t know how, but I keep reminding myself to get through it, one task at a time. Playing mind games, that this is for the better. It will work out. The next deal will be even better as fellow writers said.

The sighs and heartbreak have lightened up, a little. But today I was reminded at 4am when everything is magnified and strangles me with doubt. I’m reminded of the newest agent rejection on a partial submission, after being so close. I’d joined a debut group, became an administrator, (this is actually the silver lining: meeting The Swanky 17s --friends for life!) They are a most awesome and supportive group.

Nothing is really wasted. I know, the writing is writing.

But this will take some time. And it was time to write about my experience. Way back, during #Pitmad, many were excited for CTRL+ALT+DELETE, the title before it became GLITCH. I had so much enthusiasm and support for this book to be out there for KIDS to read, for it to stimulate their imaginations. My editor at Tantrum Books was lovely and encouraging. I had no idea the bottom would collapse the way it did.

If you’d like to read about what happened to Month9Books and their imprints, the link is here. After I read the article I decided I should be glad, overjoyed to have my rights back, which have yet to arrive since the email announcement on June 8th.   I'm not.  More information found on Writer Beware. Make sure to read the enlightening comments. 

So, I’m searching once again for an agent; my YA thriller (THE UNMOVING SKY) is getting great reviews. I’m busy rewriting the beginning of a YA historical and writing a fresh draft for July Camp Nano. Taking this one-day at a time, keeping occupied with the writing and trying not to think too much about what was. If there's one thing I've learned, its that I need/want/deserve to have an agent. If not for GLITCH then for the next.  



Leandra Wallace said...

So sorry this happened to you! I think so many of us in the writing/book community were shocked to hear about this. I so feel for you and those affected. I admire your hard work, and you're right- you and your books deserve to move forward. Better things are waiting!!

K. L. Hallam said...

Thank you, Leandra. Such kind words. <3

Kell Andrews said...

Karen, I'm so sorry you were affected! What a terrible situation across the board but you are putting yourself in a good position. I'm on the agent hunt myself -- this business seems to be two steps forward, one back at the best of times.

K. L. Hallam said...

You said it, Kell. Two steps forward, one step back. Thanks for visiting and your support. Good luck with the agent search. It's where I'm at, too. Only I've begun to worry since I have a YA novella out, should I be focusing on my YA books for a time. Aye, the things we need agents for! So hard to be patient but I am getting a little better at it. All the best in your search and publication, Kell. :)

Kelly Hashway said...

I know it's heartbreaking, but so you know, no one was being paid for their books. I left well over a year ago and am still waiting for my money. Things were so bad there and authors (and editors) were being treated terribly if they asked for the money owed to them. You are so much better off being away from all that. Things happen for a reason. Your book and you will be better for this.

K. L. Hallam said...

You are so amazing, Kelly. Thank you for sharing that. It's heartbreaking. I can't believe I didn't know sooner, and I vetted other authors at the time, but I'm starting to hear their stories now. Now to make sure my rights are returned. <3