Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What's My Next Step?

Today I have a film crew swarming around me. It’s a little hard to focus on my regularly scheduled writing work, so here I am on my blog. I do love when the film crews come, there’s always someone to talk plots and TV shows with.

It’s the second time this crew has been at my family club, the ZINC BAR, filming parts of the GYPSY television series with Naomi Watts. I haven’t seen her. My husband stays for the shoot into the evening.

With NaNoWriMo around the corner, (I love me some NaNoWriMo sprint-race-writing. Messy drafts are all the rage!) and a project ready to draft, writing notes on index cards and Scrivener, gathering resources, and using KM Weiland's incredibly helpful plot and writing tips. Helping Writers Become Authors >> Check out her blog!  Thank me later. 

And I have a YA historical project ready to query that could use more eyes on it. However, I'm concerned with taking too many opinions to heart. I’ve done this before. Destroyed a beloved project through several online workshops and contests. I like to learn the hard way, apparently.

I’ve also come to an impasse. My cancelled MG book has not hooked an agent after 76 query passes, and 59 no responses, for the grand total: 135. What’s my next step? Do I shut GLITCH out—(That name is changing, btw. My life has been rife with glitches) put it in a drawer with its drafted option book? (that I LOVE) Or do I begin searching for another book publisher? I’m just not completely sure. Being creative you see SO MANY OPTIONS. They all sound pretty good. After the year’s worth of editing for GLITCH, it’s hard to think about rewriting at this point—though I do have ideas. Ideas are everywhere.  

In other news: THE UNMOVING SKY, my young adult, contemporary, thriller, will have an audiobook soon! Stay tuned for more details. And--my good friend, Sheriff Bob, is busy mixing an MP3 of a song I wrote and sing from Brianna's POV. She's Jackson's girlfriend. It’s her story now. I DON’T BLAME YOU is coming soon!! Can't wait to hear it myself.  

Are you doing NaNoWriMo 2016 this November 1st?  I'll be on the sidelines because I already have five chapters drafted, but I'll be rooting for you!  #WritersRock  

Find me on Twitter and say hello! And if you're in the Village, stop in at Zinc Bar/Cafe during November, and I'll buy all NaNoWriMo writers a coffee. 

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