Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Are The Resistance

I am in shock. 

All I can think about are the results of the election, fearful for my most vulnerable friends, and what’s in store for the United States of America.

United, now divided.

Fear of being a woman, where rape and demoralizing are being sent to the highest office of this country.

I fear for my Muslim, Mexican, POC, Disabled, and LGBTQ friends, being targeted. My cousin is afraid, being a woman and autistic, she’ll be beaten up in her back alley.

I’m afraid for the artists, the poets, the professors, and the thinkers.
Scared for the environment, the future of climate change and science, the animals, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

What the hell have we done U.S.A.?  We’ve been sent into a glitch, back 50 years.

What’s our solace, recourse? 

Living in New York City, where it’s good to know intelligence prevails. (NY voted blue) But we can’t sit inside our state forever. Neither can you! Showing by example is the only thing that works. Share the diversity. Read widely, talk to people outside your circle.

There’s something I heard years and years ago about this century, from the writings of Edgar Cayce, the sleeping profit, was that early in the 21st century the purists would rise up!  

Rise. Rise. RISE   

A coalition is building, one of love and strength in kindness. We are the resistance!



Agent 54 said...

Your fears are irrational. You should get some professional help.

K. L. Hallam said...

Thank you, kindly.