Thursday, February 15, 2018

Free Verse Friday!

Am I to do this too?

Clean the dishes?
Sweep the Floor?
Paint the bathroom?  Today, I’m torn.

Write a poem, draw, or clean?
It’s really not so hard to see, right here on my pad of paper.

But decisions are made every weekend and most nights—tend to my family and home, or breakaway
and play for the day?

About ...

Dreams and eternal things  … that hold hope and joy.
And I need order, to begin.

Chaos can be tempered with mental-glue:
Holding tight to what’s bubbling inside my chest ...
Pumping in my heart.
Rise up foolish thoughts and dreams of another world -- 
You win!

Last Summer I found volumes of poems from years ago, and I'm having fun re-discovering old emotions, many I still struggle with.    

I'd like everyone to join in "Free Verse Fridays".  If you do, leave your blog link in the comments. This may become a weekly project. 

Write. Write. Write. 
In any form or thought.  And don't you ever stop!     

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K. L. Hallam said...

I went ahead, a day early, to give this post time to percolate. :)