Monday, March 23, 2020

Sheltering in New York City During a Pandemic.

I hope you are well, wherever you are in this world-wide lockdown. I don't think a single continent has been spared the novel coronavirus, Covid-19.  (link to CDC World Map) 

I’m sheltering with my family in New York City. My home for the last 30 years. I love this place, its people, the diversity, especially now. Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo have given me assurance that we’ll get through this. ALL OF US. The United States. The world. We’re in this together. We have to look out for each other by STAYING HOME.  

I’m witnessing New York City become silent, a pause for the cause. A respite as we care for our loved ones. Heal the sick.

I’ll continue writing, books and short stories, fantasy, and sci-fi, while hubby and I restructure our family business. We have a jazz club with an espresso machine from the 1960s that makes some of the best espressos around. Most of the coffee shops have shut down, ZINC cafĂ© would be an outpost for our neighborhood for a coffee to go on walks through the Village. One person at a time, with a glass partition. A place where the elderly, or those in need, could pick up a few items such as toilet paper, canned foods, help, etc.

While the city becomes a little quieter, and we wait for Federal Aid, after multiple requests from our mayor and governor, to the treasonous monstrosity who co-opted the White House-- with the help of Putin, and Republican traitors (We’ll never forget who you are. That’s for another post.)  It good that evictions in New York are on hold; I’m sure few have any savings. This is America, we live from one paycheck to the next, many without health insurance. A perfect storm for the narcissistic POTUS in the White House, to delay his response to Covid-19, thus sacrificing many Americans, not only the immune-compromised, and the elderly, so that he wouldn’t look bad? And his buddies could profit off the vaccine. Stalling his response, while South Korea CONQUERED!  *Shaking fist.*

The USA learned of COVID 19, the same time as South Korea. But the inept POTUS called the virus a hoax. This caused a great deal of trouble for my family because my younger brother said it was a hoax, meanwhile he takes care of my diabetic mother who has kidney disease. I was furious! At this incompetent administration—but also my brother for believing their lies. I’ve beyond furious for the last 3 + years. I want Karma to be thorough.

I love New York, everyone pitches in to help one another. It’s not just NY, I know people usually want to do the right thing, look out for each other, step in. De Blasio said the same, New Yorker’s for the most part, have been compliant, orderly, wanting to help. We a democratic society. What affects one affects the other. 

May your pause, go quickly, it’ll be tough in our small NYC apartments, no doubt. I have two young adults, a husband, a cat and a dog in 800 sq. feet. I very grateful for my patio, walks in the sun, biking along the Hudson River Park—keeping 6-feet away from EVERYONE.  

Remember, It’s important for your health to get exercise and fresh air. And NYC’s trees are blooming! 

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