Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Monthly Posts?

 Who has time for much more?  

I'm sure your plate is full with reading obligations, reading for pleasure needs, and reading to learn a new system or appliance. I will blog as much as I'm capable of while running a busy jazz club with my husband and being the in-house floral designer--and making sure to prepare the fresh guacamole Thursday through Sunday. But I NEED to write. 

Ever since COVID, my life has taken a drastic hit in writing time and for the last couple of years I was up before heading to the club to write write write, and yes, I did burn out. I took the month of March off to pause my early morning writing sessions, (first time in ten years!) to have a little space for the family business and family mental health issues. 

What I've discovered as I return to writing--not every morning, is that I have more support for me. More energy, and air to breathe because I'm making sure I'm doing what I love. I've always had to adjust my craft to fit into my family life in other artistic pursuits. Writing is flexible. I have that. And I can set my own hours. However, I must stay disciplined to get it all done and hopefully, I'll remain healthy enough to do so along with my various obligations.  

Turns out, I'm tenacious AF. Haha. I'll keep at this writing game. Adjust as needed. Try multiple genres and short stories. Anywhere my imagination leads. That's what I find joyful, creating out of a dreamscape and making it appear real. Writing fiction is a dream. 

But I may only blog once a month. 

Check back now and again for free short stories in the tab above!

flower bouquet in glass bowl in front of window at ZINC BAR
Today at Zinc Bar
flower bouquet
Bouquet behind the Zinc Bar

Photo pf Billy Holiday on mantel with white flowers.

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