Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I missed the Fool's Day --But every day is a new opportunity to be a Fool

I'm on the journey of editing--and presently at page 90 of the final edit.
My update: I've reworked the beginning of the story. I always felt it was the weakest--kind of an after thought, really since I wrote this Middle Grade fiction from the middle-- outward.

The beginning needed to be in the middle of something --Now my protagonist is, indeed--in action from the start. Reading Susan Bells The Artful Edit, dramatically enhanced my editing powers and opened the joy of editing. Mixing thing up-like making a collage and refitting the pieces, in any which way I choose or reuse. Fun, fun, fun. Now time to get back the story and get 20 pages under my belt for the day. Adios !

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