Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm at a snails pace --But on track.

Looks like I'm writing monthly posts here with the little time I can muster.
But I'm finished with this round of editing my manuscript.
Today I enter the 250 word challenge on Miss Snark's Secret Agent Contest. I may have a chance --If I can get the text under 250 words. Not easy for a non-techie--So I cut my words even more, for any sneaky ads (which i have no idea how to remove)--Just for a chance at some feed back on this Middle Grade Fiction. I am almost satisfied with the beginning. See it sieved through the eyes of strangers will be, ah, fun.

Also, today-- I begin the Agent search--Query-finished... the fun begins again, but I think it's all fun; the writing, the revision, the editing, the dreaming, the scheming, the fixing and the waiting---maybe Not the waiting --hate waiting. I guess that is something I am meant to work on.

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