Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer comes to a close.

It's been a difficult journey toward writing this summer. My two boys kept ever minute filled and went to bed, much too late. Which kept me up till nearly 2:00 am most nights, just so I could check in with Twitter or Blogs and other writers. I needed to grasp what I could of my creative self.
So here I am, anxious for the first days of the kids school to begin. My list is daunting for the first week and I may have to ebb slowly.

This summer did, bring me an extremely modest, 60 pages of ABEGALE FORCE, number #2.
But my reality check came when, my eleven year asks me,” Why are you writing book two, when you haven't even sold book one?" Ahhh--children. Why? (As I carry my comp. book around to the park or set the alarm to wake me earlier than they do). They're oddly early risers in the summer, even when setting to bed after midnight--Jeesh can't I get a break?

I MUST shout to through the rafters about a GREAT website, and writer's source for everything, created by Ricki Schultz. It's called The Write-Brained Network. http://writebrainednetwork.ning.com/
Ricki, who is amazingly busy, took the time to help critique my Query and she personally responds to any and every question with delight. I got some great assistance, 'cause that's how personalized the WB Network feels--like there are assistants to help--with many writers who are most generous with critiques and help. I won't want to use any other writer's group. Thanks Ricki & The Write-Brained Network.

Okay summer check in: I did manage one hundred new followers on Twitter for my "Writer's platform." That's something. Right? Whether I self-publish or finally find an Agent--because, I barely know what I'm doing around here. I will Love having an Agent...I need a sounding board and some handholding. But I also like to do a lot of homework.
And I can Thank WBN that my Query will be showing a brighter light--now, that I can get to the Heart of my Manuscript. A few more tweaks and I'm good to go. Oh--the journey, the patience, the fortitude. I LOVE this!!! Writing-- this whole damn process, is invigorating.

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Unknown said...

Hey Karen!!
So I totally get what you mean by sometimes wanting the kids to go back to school. The same happens to me, lol.
I wish you luck with this WIP!
And hey, thx for stopping by my blog the other day :)