Sunday, October 9, 2011

Short and Sweet

Okay the Querying takes time.
There are so many great agents representing MG and YA. I wind up selecting agents I serendipitously come across, whether from a blog, a tweet or friend. When I think they are looking for exactly what I have written in my MS: upper MG mystery with a little of the supernatural, I send it off. (btw, have first partial out for a peek--Everything is crossed)
But Query On, I must. (kinda fun)

Been wondering if I should have illustrated some of ABEGALE FORCE. Aside from the map of Pine Crest, I haven't. Guess it's not too late. As a kid I didn't always like illustrations in books I was reading. It contradicted what I felt the character should look like. And I still feel realistic photography doesn't belong on book covers--At least the ones with human models. It cheeses out, the book. However, illustrated book covers, are a favorite of mine. I think a drawing can be more suggestive or vague, more elegant.

I might try drawing a little and see how it looks. Hold me to it.

Oh. I'm collecting years of poems, filtering, and really want to get some out...Those are coming soon.

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Sara said...

I`m totally with you on the drawings being better than photographs on book covers.

I am also querying agents. I wish you all the best with your publishing journey!