Monday, January 9, 2012

A Quick Update: I've got some work ahead.

I got two wonderful partial requests, just as the Holiday's came upon us. I knew even with those, I couldn't get my hopes up--too much.  

The first day back from the kid's school break I got some very good editorial advice from Agent #1. Already having read my ms, said he really enjoyed the characters and the story idea--but I need to tighten up and make every word count.
I wasn't very careful putting my chapters in--at all. This I knew, I mean, there weren’t chapters until I finished, (strange right?) Then it was, "Oh...guess I should make chapters,” but no, I didn't need to make a new chapter at every scene change, poor newbie me. 

Mr. Agent #1 said he be willing to take another look at it later in the year...Hum. He actually wants to take another look. I suppose that is a very good thing. He likes something. He did say, "I'm sure with additional work and polish you can really make this a much more compelling novel."
And send it him!

Now, I'm sure Ms. Agent #2 will say the same or similar. Or worse.
This last week I took some days to digest the information and start writing/thinking/planning my MG boys adventure story. I'm putting Book #2 in the Abegale series on the side. I'm well into it with over 100 pages. But the focus must be on this baby, ABEGALE FORCE.

The editor search is on.
I’ve put in my calls to writer friends, but most do not write or edit this genre (upper MG).
The SCBWI website has extensive resources. Though, so far, they seem really expensive. I’m thinking of playing the lottery…buy me one of those fabulous children’s editors.
Wish me luck!! Lolly. That lol –in goofy form.


K. L. Hallam said...

My font is freaky--And I cannot correct it. We'll have to be bug-eyed and feel off kilter to read this. forgive me.

Kelley Lynn said...

Congrats on the good news! I know my story would go no where without my four critique partners. And they're free :) (Well, you have to reciprocate.) Have you had other writer's critique your work?

Anonymous said...

Glad to learn things are moving forward and it sounds like you are receiving great feedback! :)

K. L. Hallam said...

@kelley. Yes a couple of beta readers and some friend readers. This is what I'm weighing now. The price of editors and how to start a critique group. Anyone in NYC?? thanks for visiting and commenting--you too Tracy. Thanks for visiting.
I'm meeting with a dear friend tomorrow. Would be great to work together. But it wouldn't be free. Still -we could work on it together, which would optimal.
I am hunting for children's/tween writing groups.

Thank again. Happy New Year too. It's gonna be Grand!

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith on finding a critique group/writing group. You never know what might turn up. I haven't had any luck finding a local group, but eventually found one in Buffalo. Heading there tonight to meet everyone!

And I agree: 2012 is going to be fabulous! :)

Sara Flower said...

Ooh two partial requests? You go, girl. :D So exciting.