Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perplexing and over thinking. Yeap, that's me.

My little conundrum.

Last December, I sent a query off to an amazing agent. He reported back that he'd like to see my first fifty pages, snail mailed. I did. Then, just before January of 2012, I got a message back that while, agent liked the story concept, and the characters, he suggested, "making every word count." And he'd be happy to take another look in May. This was last May.

Since then, I started an MGbetareader group--an awesome bunch of very talented writers with eagle eyes. I went through a couple beta reads, and revisions. I'm currently awaiting a last beta read for a final run through.
Now, my question is: How do I resend? Do I simply send a query? Or do I resend the first fifty pages, again, snail mailed, as he prefers? My fear, oh, you know I have some fears...What if the query isn't caught? What if it slips through the emails of very busy agent?

Silly. I know.  So how should I go about this? Anyone? Not exactly an R&R...but?  
Thank you for any helpful suggestions.

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