Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Little Surprise I Found Today

While searching the title of my forthcoming (debut) novella, The Unmoving Sky, from Leap/Shine Books, I found this:

"The north celestial pole points due north, toward the North Star, or Polaris, which mythmakers recognized as The Unmoving Sky god they relied on to uphold the cosmic order. Because the sky world seemed to revolve around this invisible pole, the world axis and the North Star above it implied stability and permanence. It marked the center of the world."

Dictionary of Nature Myths: Legends of Earth, Sea, and Sky by Tamara Andrews. Oxford University Press. 

I thought this was really cool and apropos to the book, to me, and what I want this book to be. A stabilizing force in my career as an author. The Unmoving Sky as part of my heart, the center, or beginning, and what will come. 

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