Friday, January 15, 2016

Free-day Friday Update. All That's Changed by K.L.Hallam

Hello out there!

I've been busy working on a website using WIX and so far it's been good. Can't wait to show everyone, along with The Unmoving Sky's cover reveal on Jan 25! 

In my creative torture process of building a website,
I came across this song I wrote, (Oh, about five years ago) All That's Changed, about a relationship being pulled apart, with growing families, and life's distractions; trying to remember what each person meant... now that time has clouded the romance. 

Phil Carroll of Recording Artists Development mixed the music. 
Lyrics, melody, voice, by K.L. Hallam  (me!)

I should mention it's my first attempt at iMovie. Most of the images are from my portfolio. 

Now back to the Website. Apparently, I have two sets of revisions ready to land in my lap--any minute.   Not to lose a moment... Enjoy the music!  

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