Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Plantain for Bee Stings. Bower Boys Survival Tips!

The Bowers are brothers from The Unmoving Sky. Jackson is seventeen and his younger brother Artie is fifteen. Jackson knows much about survival in the elements. Here I'll share some of that under "Bower Boys Survival Tips."
This will be a regular feature in preparation for my book release on May 16, 2016.    
Some of these tips could save your life ...

"White Man's Foot"

You've no doubt have seen this "weed" growing everywhere, especially in disturbed soil, heavily trampled on, or in cracks of the city sidewalks. Plantain or Plantago major has many health benefits and potential to save a life in an emergency situation.

This common weed can be chewed and swallowed after a bee sting if you're suffering a severe allergic reaction to prevent anaphylaxis shock. If you find yourself alone in the woods, or with a friend, who this happens to it may buy you time on your rush to the nearest hospital. Chew about a mouthful and swallow it.

Anaphylactic Shock: "Tissues in different parts of the body release histamine and other substances. This causes the airways to tighten and leads to other symptoms." PubMed Health 
 Most severely, throat swelling and inability to breathe.

Alternatively, if you're stung and not allergic, make a paste by chewing a pinch (of course, never where pesticide spraying is suspected) and lay it over the sting. It will soothe and reduce swelling.

Handy right?  And people want to get rid of them.  

Disclaimer: I have a certificate in Herbal Medicine from Peeka Trenkle. Much of what Jackson "knows" will derive from my notes. ;)  But always check with your doctor first. 

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