Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inauguration Essays: History Will Be Written By The People.

Saturday I march.

I march for me. I march for my children. I march for those who cannot.

For women.
For the children
For those who have been victimized by the actions and words of PEOTUS.

This “election” was NOT normal. 

A predator-in-chief offers nothing for our country, aside for the example of how women should be treated.

How to start a war.

How to disrespect and insult disabled people.

How to hurt people of color.

How NOT to be a citizen of the people.

How to turn families against one another.

The People of the United States of America demand fairness and justice for ALL.

All races. All religion. All beliefs.

We want a PEOTUS who wasn’t bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia, and in turn become a pawn and a traitor to the American people.

A PEOTUS who doesn’t want to strip the United States of OUR democracy! It belongs to US.

Or strip us of our HEALTH CARE. 

What has this Administration NOT tried to TAKE AWAY from the American People, from our children?

A PEOTUS who doesn’t understand the simple equation that investing in our CHILDREN leads to a brighter, richer, more advanced future for EVERYONE, is not wise, or thinking of the future. Not a wise investor.

Or believe climate change isn’t happening. He doesn’t believe in FACTS … or Science. 

This administration only understands investment that directly lines their pockets. (By pillaging your Health Care, and Art Foundation, etc.)

From Trump’s failed and bailed out businesses – we can expect a bankrupt USA in months.  

That’s what he does.  That’s his example.    RISE UP! 
Michael Moore leading the march to TT in NYC on Jan. 19, 201
** See Scott Dworkin #TrumpLeaks on Twitter.  @funder 

The old days ...  

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