Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's March 2017 in New York City

More than one million people protested around the world last Saturday over Trump’s policies. In New York City alone, we had upwards of 400, 000 stand up to the Trump Regime. Have you seen the crowds! It’s a beautiful thing.

Hundreds of cities across our planet rose up against fascism, against hate, and stood up for Civil Rights, for Women’s rights, for Science, for the Arts, for Education, for LGBT, for POC, for clean water, and air we can actually breathe.

We stand together. STRONG.

After the deep anxiety and fear, marching in a crowd of like-minded people put some of those fears to rest. What an empowering experience. Unprecedented numbers!


There are MORE of US than you GOP, Republicans!             Love Wins!     

Enjoy the photos and rest assured WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

We Need GUN LAWS! 

Me, blowing the whistle. 

In front of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
The gathering at 9 AM. 

Spirit Leader morphed into an Information Agent.

Early morning crowds.

Looking North on Second Ave. 

The end of the line. At the Tower (of Sauron) 

We're Stronger Together … and you’d better watch out!

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